Family Resource Center of St. Clair County

Workgroup Mission

Advancing, Advocating and Assisting At-Risk Youth and Families of St. Clair County.

We Would Be Honored to Assist your family...

  • Assisting families in identifying appropriate resources services
  • Linking individuals with community resources
  • Providing access to computer and internet (for job search, resume writing, applications finacnical aid and more)



  • Build and maintain working partnerships with St. Clair County agencies, organizations and individuals to enhance the foster care experience.
  • Develop and review protocol between partners (St. Clair County DHS and community) to maintain a strong network of neighborhood based foster care.
  • Share national, state and local information and resources on foster care and related issues through the Family Resource Center and other available venues.
  • Create a culture of support for families and the communities where they live.
  • Identify and enhance services and suppport that are accessible financially, culturally and geographically for all families who live there.